Chilly Farmers In Terrible Situation

  • YSRCP leaders examine chilly market yard
  • Farmers face hardship due to Government's incompetence
  • Leaders demand fair price for their produce
  • YSRCP stands in support of farmers
Guntur: YSRCP leaders expressed sympathy towards the chilly farmers of the district due to the Government's incompetence. They visited mirchi yard in Guntur and spoke to farmers regarding the cost of their produce. They demanded that the Government should bring markfeds into picture and rescue the farmers in distress. Ummareddy Venkateswarlu, Marri Rajasekhar, Mustafa, Lella Appireddy, Meruga Nagarjuna and Ambati Rambabu were among the leaders who visited the market yard. Here is what the leaders spoke on this occasion.

Marri Rajasekhar
Chilly farmers are in a pitiable situation where they can not sell the produce after all the toiling. With no fair price offered, they are becoming more and more indebted. The Government has also failed in preventing fake seeds. In fact, veterans in the Government encouraged their sale, causing huge financial losses to farmers. After overcoming this step, the produce that came to the market took the blow of unfair price. Last year, Rs.15,000 was the cost per quintal. This year, it is not being bought for even Rs.6000. Normal varieties are being bought only for Rs.3000. A loss od Rs.4000-5000 is the loss for every acre.
Babu made many promises before elections. He said he would implement Swaminathan Commission's recommendations and assist farmers with price stabilisation funds. Neither the CM nor the agriculture minister responds to the situation, being busy thinking about stealing and saving. Chillies' price should be determined as Rs.10,000 in order to save the farmers in debt.

Lella Appireddy
Chandrababu cares the least about coming to the farmers' rescue as the Governments did through bringing markfed and nafed. The Governments in the past, particularly YSR's gave support price to support the farmers. TDP Government also has to buy the produce through markfed system and assist the farmers. We will fight on their behalf under the leadership of YS Jagan.

Ummareddy Venkateswarlu
The negligent Government is not reviewing the situation of the farmers. It is supposed to get those responsible for fake seeds arrested under PD act and get the compensation from them for the farmers. But it has not been implemented till now. The Government is not taking up the responsibility of protecting the farmers. We will see that the farmers are served justice.

Babu promised to waive agricultural loans, to implement price stabilisation funds and betrayed the farmers, over not offering fair price to their produce. He is more inclined towards visiting foreign countries than to protect farmers. We will confront the Government regarding the farmers' hardship in the assembly.

Meruga Nagarjuna
Farmers are facing hardship due to Chandrababu's deceptive words. They are waiting with their produce in the market for days and finally going home with loss of Rs.40,000 - 50,000. This situation is a result of the government's incompetence. YSRCP will stand in support of farmers. YS Jagan is a farmer-friendly leader.

Ambati Rambabu
Farmers are suffering due to lack of fair price for their crops and with their investment going waste. We spoke to the farmers ar the mirchi yard, as per the directions of YS Jagan. We spoke to the officers. Acquaintances of agriculture minister are involved in sale of fake seeds. Compensation has not been given till now. We will fight so that justice is done to farmers. The Government should rescue the farmers immediately with price stabilisation funds.
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