Chandrababu's Politics Are Degraded

  • Removal of YSR's statue is atrocious
  • TDP will have to pay the price
  • YSR can't be removed from people's hearts: YSRCP leaders
Chandrababu is at great jealousy towards the place Dr.YS Rajasekhar Reddy has earned in people's hearts, hence is showing it on the statues of YSR. He proved his insecurity by removing YSR's statue in the dark. YSRCP leaders and activists are at fury towards the removal of the statue in Vijayawada.
YSRCP's whip Pinnelli Ramakrishna Reddy slammed TDP. Speaking at Ongole, he condemned Chandrababu's egotism and cautioned that the fight for restoration of YSR's statue would be further strengthened.
YSRCP's senior leader and MLA Peddireddy Ramachandra Reddy condemned the removal of YSR's statue and called it an act of vengeance agaisnt YSRCP. He remarked that this sort of acts were only to cover up TDP's inability to face YS Jagan directly.
Jogi Ramesh commented that Chandrababu could not digest the warmth people had in their hearts for YSR. He cautioned that people would teach TDP a lesson for its pride of power. He stated that TDP had to pay a price for their misdeed.
MLA RK Roja called Chandrababu's politics degraded. She mentioned that mere removal of YSR's statues would not ensure removal of his place from people's hearts.
YSRCP's president of Vijayawada city, Vangaveeti Radha, slammed Chandrababu for the removal of YSR's statue. He called it an act of jealousy and stated that before doind something like this, they were supposed to get permission from statues' committee and the concerned political party. He called it a cowardly act to do it in the middle of the night instead. He remarked that it had been done in the dark because they had known it was a misdeed.
Kolanukonda Sivaji called the removal of YSR's statue an atrocious act and ac example of degraded politics. He stated that the day when people would bid goodbye to Chandrababu's atrocious rule was not very far away.
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