Chandrababu's irrational comments shock people

Chandrababu seems to be suffering from Nandyal fever. With the bugle for bypolls sounded, he has camped in Nandyal in an unprecedented movie. What is worse, he is making comments that lack any rationale.

While he was talking to party workers, some people came to recount their problems. Instead of listening to them, Chandrababu shouted at them and said they should listen to him before raising questions.Strangely, he said that since they were walking on the roads laid by him, they should vote for him. Those who don't vote for him, will not be given any benefits, he said.

 “Tell them not to use the good roads that my government has built and ask them not to accept the pensions that we are giving if they do not want to vote for TDP. If people don’t like TDP or the TDP Government then tell them not to use the roads or take pensions,’’ Chandrababu said.

This threatening apart, the new low was his announcement that he would buy votes at Rs 5000 each. But, for this, I need to fleece you for Rs five lakh.
Chandrababu is now being trolled by the netizens for his comments. 
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