Chandrababus ignorance on pensions ridiculous

Sadum: Ridiculing the revelation of Chandrababu Naidu that he came to know about the non-payment of pension only now, YSR Congress President YS Jagan Mohan Reddy has said that it is a matter of shame if the Chief Minister realizes in the penultimate year of the term about the anomaly and demanded that the four-year arrears should also be paid to the pensioners.

Addressing a gathering as part of the Praja Sankalpa Yatra here on Friday, the Leader of Opposition said, it is unbecoming of a Chief Minister if he says that he has no knowledge of the non-payment of pensions. As it was an election promise, the TDP government should pay the pension with arrears from 2014 which would benefit the poor.

The power has gone into the head of Chandrababu Naidu as he has been resorting to headstrong comments like one should be ashamed if they do not vote for TDP. He cannot tell one good reason as to why people should vote for him after he broke all the promises made during elections.;

He had hiked the power charges and RTC bus fares three times in the four years and he tells that people should vote for him though he had promised various sops during elections in the power and transport sectors. Education, medicare, pensions, housing, agriculture, employment and all sectors have shown a southward graph and all sections of people have been bearing the brunt of his deception and going back on the promises made, he said.

The loan waiver to farmers, DWACRA groups, unemployment stipend, housing, pensions, Special Category Status (SCS) everything came to naught. His late realization about pensions reminds people of the state about a previous anecdote.

History reminds us that when NTR has promised Rs 2-kg-rice, the ruling party announced that it would provide rice at Rs 1.90 but people have seen through the game and rejected the party in power. In the same manner the gimmicks of Chandrababu Naidu would not work, he said.

Corruption has been rampant during the past four years from sand, land, capital formation and temple lands from top to bottom in the hierarchy of the ruling party, he said.

Dr YS Rajasekhara Reddy during his term had built the storage tank at Punganuru but the pipeline had to be laid which could not be completed by Chandrababu Naidu during the past four years, he said touching the local chord.

Ramachandra Reddy had given 11 acres of his own land to the government for the construction of 30-bed hospital which did not see light of the day.

When our government is formed with the blessings of the people we will merge RTC with the government which would benefit the employees and will bring Handri-Neva waters to Punganuru and provide waters to this district, he said.

Aarogyasri would be implemented and it would cover all surgeries costing above Rs 1,000 and pension would be given during the recovery period as well. Fees reimbursement would be implemented with full force along with Amma Vodi which would revolutionise the education system. People suffering with renal ailments would be given a pension of Rs 10,000 per month, he said.
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