Chandrababu's Evil Eye On Endowments Lands

  •  TDP Government harming
    the temples
  • Attack on religious
  • The centre has to intervene
    and take action
  • TDP Government is
    incompetent: Parthasarathy

Hyderabad: YSRCP’s
official spokesman Parthasarathy mentioned that it was atrocious to demolish
temples and mosques with the name of development and called it an act of attack
towards the religious sentiments of people. He slammed Chandrabbau for giving
away endowments lands to TDP leaders for meagre costs and now arresting priests
in the middle of the night and demolishing the religious structures for saving
their unjustly earned properties. He spoke to the media at the party’s central

Parthasarathy mentioned
that it was unfair to demolish a cowshed and the temple of Lord Krishna in it
just to save the assets of a TDP MLC. Parthasarathy demanded answer from the
Government on behalf of people. He reminded that an agreement had been made
with the concerned officers mentioning the lands of the cowshed had been taken
by the Government for people’s benefit and irrigation lands had been given in
return to them and that the temple of Krishna would not be harmed but now the
word had not been kept, he exclaimed.

Parthasarathy revealed that
the temple had been there for several centuries and priests had been
worshipping there ever since. He remarked that this deliberate act of hurting
people’s feelings had been staged though the temple did not pose any inconvenience
to the people and it was not in the way of development. He revealed that Chandrababu
had given away the lands belonging to the Government and a corporate
institution between 1995 and 2004 through Swiss challenge system and he had
repeated the same thing today and criticised that endowments assets were next
in line after corporate and Government lands to attract Babu’s greedy

He opined that TDP
Government was violating the rule against sale of endowments’ and Government’s
properties and slammed the ruling party leaders for predating the lands that
had been donated by great people to the temples with devotion. He condemned the
defiance of court’s orders in this issue. He challenged the Government to take
action against those who had auctioned the lands of Sadavarthy choultry and
cancel the auction, if it had any commitment at all.

TDP had been trying to
sell the temple’s lands since it had come to power, Parthasarathy remarked.
Besides Sadavarthy choultry’s lands, Seetamma trust’s lands and Simhachalam
temple’s lands were being given away to Chandrababu’s coterie, ruling party
leaders’ benamis and those who had filled his pockets, Parthasarathy
complained. He stated that BJP, people and Muslim and Christian organisations
hadto speak up against the atrocities of the Government.

Parthasarathy mentioned
how the mosque in Ramavarappadu had been demolished and Muslim leaders had been
arrested. 30 temples in Vijayawada had been intentionally demolished, he
revealed. He cautioned the Government against these acts and called for the
centre’s intervention in the atrocities.


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