Chandrababu's Activities In The Dark

Assembly media point: While 5 crore people are wishing for sanction
of special category status, Chandrababu and his ministers were running after
packages, complained YSRCP MLAs. They expressed concern about being pushed out of
the house by assembly marshals, as they had insisted on discussion happening
over special category status. They slammed Chandrababu for deceiving the people
of the state at every step.

Ready for self-sacrifice
for special status: Rachamallu Siva Prasad Reddy

“We are ready to
sacrifice ourselves for the sake of special category status”, mentioned YSRCP
MLA Rachamallu Siva Prasad Reddy. Slamming the Government for ordering assembly
marshals to assault YSRCP MLAs as they had been insisting on discussion on a
matter public interest, he stated that they had actually staged the protest only
to reflect people’s hopes and intentions. He declared that they would not be
scared of suspension and criticised Chandrababu and his ministers for running
after special package while the people of the state wished for special category
status. He commented that the money from special package offered by the union
Government would finally reach the pockets of benamis of TDP leaders. As the
opposition party was trying to insist on discussion in the assembly over the
topic that had seen unanimous resolution earlier, in order to bring pressure on
the centre, the Government declared it would give a prior statement, he
exclaimed and questioned what would be left to discuss once the official
statement was made. Stating they had no hard feelings with the marshals,
Rachamallu made it clear that they had been attacked by the marshals.

What was the need for
employing marshals?: Chevireddy Bhaskar Reddy

What was the need to
employ marshals at the speaker’s podium, questioned YSRCP MLA Chevireddy Bhaskar
Reddy. He made it clear that they were in fact fighting inside the assembly and
outside for the welfare of the state and the future of the youth. He specified
that they were fighting against the union Government and the state Government
that had betrayed people of AP in the matter of special category status.
Chevireddy complained that they were peacefully protesting when assembly
marshals were ordered to attack them. He indicated that this was all part of
the Government’s conspiracy to sidetrack the issue of not sanctioning special
status. He mentioned that Congress had tasted the revolt of people and TDP’s
was the next turn.

Special status deserves a
long extensive discussion: Kotamreddy Sridhar Reddy

YSRCP MLA Kotamreddy
Sridhar Reddy opined that the matter of special category status deserved to be
discussed extensively in the assembly. Questioning why Chandrababu was fleeing
as the opposition party MLAs insisted on discussion on special category status,
he slammed the ruling party for misusing its power and authority to get assembly
adjourned again and again. He confronted the Government for not considering the
repeated unanimous resolution made in the assembly. He proclaimed that
achievement of special category status was the main aim of YSRCP and reminded
how the party’s president YS Jagan had fought for it relentlessly.

What is behind Babu’s
midnight activities?: Rajannadora

YSRCP MLA Rajannadora
questioned the meaning behind making agreements secretly and announcing packages
in the dark. He blamed Chandrababu for offering chance to midnight agreements
and for hurting people’s feelings. He slammed the employment of marshals to
push away YSRCP MLAs in the assembly, as they were trying to reflect people’s
feelings through protest. He complained that they had been attacked and
moreover accused for attacking the assembly marshals instead. Rajannadora also
condemned accusations on YS Jagan, the leader of opposition. He commented that
CM Chandrababu, Venkaiah Naidu and Narendra Modi had promised special status
and deceived people. He exclaimed that cutting access to microphone and
suspending YSRCP MLAs were unjust.

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