Chandrababu Will Meet His Destiny

Tirupati: YSRCP's state general secretary and Punganuru MLA Peddireddy Ramachandra Reddy and Gangadhara Nellore MLA Narayana Swamy criticised that Chandrababu had been working with the sole aim of robbing as much much as he could while authority was in hand. They commented that Chandrababu had snatched thousands of acres of land from farmers in the name of capital city and had been selling it to foreign companies and corporate companies, thereby filling his pockets through real estate mafia. They also complained against the demolition of religious structures and occupation of endowments lands in the name of road extension.
They mentioned that Chandrababu was behaving in a way as to hurt the sentiments of Hindus. They reminded how pontiffs and spiritual preachers had expressed fury. The leaders remarked that the protest expressed by them was the first step in the fall of Chandrababu. They exclaimed that Chandrababu would soon meet his destiny for demolishing temples and robbing God's lands.

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