Chandrababu resorts to insider trading in Amaravati lands

Addressing a public meeting in Srikakulam, YSRCP chief YS Jagan Mohan Reddy said the TDP workers were offered 192 houses which were built for the victims of Hudhud cyclone. Explaining the problems of the fishermen, he said Chandrababu failed to deliver on his promise of providing Rs 5 lakh insurance to the 189 fishermen who lost lives in the last few years.
The mass leader said the YSRCP would give the 3,400 crore loss caused by cyclone Titli after coming to power. In Chandrababu Naidu's rule, the Titli cyclone caused a lot of devastation. People of the region suffered crop and property loss, but, not even a single rupee was given to the district. Till now, the State government released only Rs 520 crore towards relief activities, YS Jagan said.
The YSRCP chief remarked that Chandrababu resorted to insider trading in Amaravati lands and the beneficiaries were all of his benamis, who purchased the lands before the location of Capital city was announced. The lands collected through pooling were given away for cheap prices to his associates, he added.
Adding that Chandrababu was not leaving the smallest of opportunities to make money, he said that the government had given the Rs 7 lakh contract for cleaning service in temples to Chandrababu's relative Bhaskar Naidu for a price of Rs 32 lakh. The TDP mafia, the Janma Bhoomi committees, which are spread across villages, are making money in the beautification works, Anganwadi posts, providing jobs in sub-stations, pensions, toilets, ration etc..
The YSRCP chief further said he would minimise the unemployment rate in the State, while explaining the benefits of the Navaratnas.
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