Chandrababu remembers Dalits only during the elections

Perikagudem: Leader of Opposition in Andhra Pradesh assembly and YSR Congress Party President YS Jagan Mohan Reddy expressed his concern over the plight and discrimination against the Dalits in the country 70 years after Independence.

 Speaking at an interactive meeting with the Dalit community here today as part of his historic public outreach programme Praja Sankalpa Yatra, YS Jagan said that the recent atrocities against the Dalits across the nation were a matter of shame and a cause for concern.

The YSRCP Chief said that Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu remembers Dalits only during the elections and then makes an announcement that there was no better Dalit than him. He recalled the AP CM's statements that SC, ST Sub-plan would be implemented in the state with utmost sincerity and those who fail to do so would be sent to jail.

"In the last four years not even a single year had Chandrababu implemented the Sub-plan, so does he not deserve to be jailed? In the same breath, the TDP Chief had questioned whether anyone would wish to be born as a Dalit. This was nothing but insulting the community," YS Jagan said. He pointed out that the TDP leaders were following the path of their party President and were encouraging atrocities against the Dalit community.

Talking at the interactive meeting with the Dalits, YS Jagan asked all the people in the meeting if Chandrababu had ever done anything good for Dalits in the state over the last four years. He pointed out that whenever TDP came to power Dalits were the worst affected. "TDP has not changed from the Karamchedu times."

Later the Leader of Opposition pointed out various incidents which involved TDP leaders in atrocities against the Dalits in the state. He blamed the TDP Chief for the discrimination against the community and observed that the TDP leaders were simply following the instructions of their party President. YS Jagan recalled Chandrababu's statement on July 20, 2017 in Kuppam that Dalits are not intelligent and referred to the AP CM's diabolical ways of cheating and looting the people during the last 40 years of his political life.

At the interactive meeting, the YSRCP Chief also recalled the statement made by TDP minister Adinarayana that Dalits were not hygiene and do not study well. "If only a minister in my cabinet dared to speak like this, he would have been sacked immediately." Only people who can emphatise with the poor and stand for them in difficult times were eligible to be the CM of the state, he added.

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