Chandrababu is not committed to Brahmins

YSRCP MLA Kona Raghupathi points out Babu’s indifference to Brahmins’ issues

Hyderabad: YSRCP MLA Kona Raghupathi complained that the TDP Government was doing injustice to Brahmin social community.  He criticised that Chandrababu’s Government promised to sanction Rs.500 crore to Brahmin Corporation but ended up giving Rs.25 crore in 2014-15 and Rs.35 crore in 2015-16. He expressed his displeasure towards not offering him a place, when he was representing Brahmin community in the house of 175 members.

He mentioned that only Rs.16 crore from the Rs.65 crore sanctioned without following proper regulations was spent to date. He demanded for the sanction of the rest of the amount from the promised Rs.500 crore. Kona stated that most of the temples in the state lacked minimum provision of services like lamps and offerings. He recollected how late Dr.Rajasekhar Reddy’s Government had granted Rs.2500 per month to every temple.  He added that the TDP Government had promised to raise this amount to Rs.5000 but reduced the amount instead. Kona criticized that TDP’s promises that veteran Brahmins aged 60 and above would be given a pension and poor Brahmins would be given residential plots were totally left behind.

Kona stated to the media that these questions did not receive proper answer in the assembly session. He mentioned that Chandrababu did not have commitment towards Brahmins. He questioned the Government if the parties’ intervention was needed to talk about Brahmin Corporation’s issues. Kona demanded for the sanction of the remaining Rs.440 crore.

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