Chandrababu Naidu, anti-farmer

Hyderabad,Describing Chandrababu Naidu holding the concluding meeting of Rytu Vijaya Yatra at Anantapuram as a sham in wake of his failure to waive the farmers’ loans in toto, YSR Congress has said that Rayalseema has been under utter neglect in the TDP government. ‘The Chief Minister is trying to put up a brave front and trying to project himself as champion of the farmers’ cause but in reality he and his policies are responsible for the farmer suicides and their plight,’ Party MLA Attar Chand Basha told reporters here on Wednesday.

While the State Level Bankers Meet has put the total loans taken by farmers at Rs 87,000 crores, TDP has washed its hands off by waiving Rs 7,000 crores while the interest on the sum itself would work out to Rs 14,000 crores. ‘This cannot be a Victory by any standards and the faulty policies are driving farmers to suicides and the number of deaths has reached to 107 and the farming community is in distress without getting adequate input subsidy,’ he said. There was misuse of official machinery with 600 of the 900 RTC buses in the district being shifted for the Chief Minister’s meeting. TDP government has failed on the irrigation front and has been staking claim for the projects brought by YSR who has released enough funds and monitored its progress, he said.
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