Chandrababu mortgaging AP's self-respect: Roja

Hyderabad: YSR Congress Party firebrand MLA RK Roja said that YSRCP is known for relentless struggle for pro-people causes. Talking to media persons on Wednesday, she said the people of Andhra Pradesh were proud at the uncompromising struggle of the YSRCP MPs in Delhi. She said the TDP was only resorting to dramas to score brawny points. 
She said Chandrababu Naidu, who was silent on the special category issue all the four years, is now trying to create a false impression of being a martyr in the cause of Andhra Pradesh using media houses favourable to him. 
Chandrababu has mortgaged the interests of Andhra Pradesh by accepting special package in 2016 and is the chief betrayer of Andhra Pradesh. Chandrababu has never fought for the rights of the Telugu people sincerely during the last four years. She said the TDP has come out of the NDA only because all other options were exhausted.
“Our party has a history of struggles, while your party is known for compromises. While YS Jagan is fighting for special status to AP, the TDP is busy praising Narendra Modi. We had introduced no confidence motion a record 14 times, while Chandrababu was never sincere about moving No Confidence motion,” she said.
Reminding that Chandrababu had mercilessly crushed the special category status protests in the past and even on Wednesday, the government had tried to crush the rail roko, she said.
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