Chandrababu Is Ineligible To Rule The State

  • Ignorance of people’s
    problems by TDP
  • Rule targeting corrupt
  • People will teach a
    lesson to the Government
  • YSRCP’s victory is

Hyderabad: YSRCP president of Nellore district and MLA of Sarvepalli,
Kakani Govardhan Reddy stated that YSRCP was not against the development of the
state but was only against the corruption practiced by the Government under the
mask of development. He inaugurated two RO plants built by NDR in Varigonda
panchayat and a CC road built with MP funds. Later, he spoke at the local gram
panchayat office.

Kakani slammed CM
Chandrababu’s allegations that opposition leaders were hindering the state’s
development. He called them an attempt to cover up the failure in keeping
promises made to people at the time of elections. He remarked that finance
minister Yanamala Ramakrishnudu had assured to pay even Rs.1 lakh crore of
farmers’ loans but was unable to pay even the interests on them.

Kakani questioned what
had happened to the promise of a job for every household and Rs.2000 stipend
for the unemployed. He complained against Janmabhoommi committees’ involvement
for the benefits like pensions and good quality houses not reaching the
deserving benefactors. Kakani reminded that MLAs used to be sanctioned Rs.1
crore for the development of their constituencies. But now opposition MLAs were
not receiving them due to Chandrababu’s conspiracy of depriving them of any
possible fame. He opined that a day would soon come when people taught
Chandrababu a lesson.

Kakani commented that corrupt,
deceptive and negligent Chandrababu did not deserve to rule the state. He
confided that YSRCP would win with flying colours whenever elections were

Participating in this
event were ZPTC member Mannem Chiranjeevula Goud, MPDO Savitramma, MPTC member
Kamatam Suneeta, YSRCP distruct secretary Sudheer Reddy, joint secretary Dileep
Reddy,mandal convener Padmanabha Reddy, NDR owners Adikesavula Reddy, Amruthesh
Reddy, party leaders Chandrasekhar Reddy, Syamalamma, Suresh Reddy, Rammurthy,
Subbarao, Sankaraiah Goud, Jitendra Reddy, Seshamma and others.

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