Chandrababu Has Lost People's Trust

Special status has been auctioned
Eluru (Yuvabheri): Retired professor of Andhra University, Sambireddy, exclaimed that Congress and BJP performed auction in the parliament mentioning special status should be given to AP for five years and for ten years respectively, at the time of bifurcation. He also reminded how Chandrababu had raised the bid to fifteen years and won the auction. Just as deposit would be lost if the auctioned thing was not collected, Chandrababu had lost people's trust, he commented.

YS Jagan is the next CM
Eluru (Yuvabheri): Confiding that YSRCP president YS Jagan was the next CM, Dr.Krishna Bhagawan spoke at Yuvabheri held in Eluru to specify the importance of industries. He stated that there were 372 engineering colleges and it took 3-6 months to complete a project. For projects to happen, there should be industries, he said. Even if industries were there, there should be jobs to gain experience. For all this to happen, AP should be given special category status, he opined.
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