Chandrababu foreign tours waste

Hyderabad: Dubbing the foreign jaunts of Chandababu Naidu as sheer extravaganza and waste of public money, YSR Congress has said that while the tours have been yielding nothing there has been no review meeting of a single trip which shows how wasteful an exercise it has been.

Speaking to reporters here on  Tuesday party spokesperson Vasireddy Padma said,  Chandrababu Naidu has so far went on foreign trips over 25 times spending huge sums but what has those tours yielded was never reviewed nor revealed.

During his recent Singapore tour, he has put the fertile land of the state on an open offer giving it on a platter to investors as if he owns the entire land and boasted of so many things, fully knowing that elections are due soon and there would be no possibility of fulfilling any of the terms.

The land he has put on open offer is beyond the comprehension of any sane person and his lies that the various infrastructure facilities makes him a laughing stock.

What he has been telling to the foreign companies is a bundle of lies and has been telling them that the land is verdant and agriculture has been on a priority mode in the state while it was the reverse in reality, she said.

He has been using the foreign tours for his self promotion and the tours are with public money and he is accountable for them. Like father, like son adage goes well with his son Lokesh too picking up the threads of telling lies, she said
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