Chandrababu is an example for foolishness

Vijayawada: The YSRCP trade union president and senior leader Gowtham Reddy said that choosing a location which is prone to floods and earthquakes for capital construction is proof of Chandrababu’s foolishness. He said that choosing Tulluru as State Capital is creating confusion in public. He mentioned that it is well known that Krishna River has flooded this area before and added that it is not appropriate to spend crores of rupees on constructions in this flood prone area.

Gowtham Reddy reminded that even Sivarama Krishnan Committee advised not to take fertile lands for constructing capital. He felt that constructing capital in earth quake prone zone will only make it futile investment of crores of rupees. Also, he asked Chandrababu to learn from Chennai and Mumbai which were affected by floods. He cautioned the Government that failing to take all precautionary measures will result in severe loss of lives, property and also great injustice to the coming generations.

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