Chandrababu donating lands

As TDP came to power, there
is no control for land mafia. Using his power Naidu is showering his charity on
his relatives, followers and other members in favour to him and giving lands
for charity. Naidu might be assuming the government land as his own land and plundering
public lands. The overall burglary of Naidu is exposed in these points:

To a close relative belonging
to Visakhapatnam Bottling companyof Brother-in-law, Nandamuri Balakrishna, Naiud
has out

Naidu has shared the land
as per his wish to a person of Visakhapatnam, bottling company and a close
relative of his brother in law Nandamuri Balakrishna. 498 acres of land is sold
cheaply in Jayantipuram, Krishna district. Almost 499.93 acres of land, 5 km
close to Jaggyapeta railway station is donated. Land worth Rs. 250 crores is
sold cheaply for 4.99 crores.

Valuable land near Sri city,
Chittor district is sold for very less price for Hero Metro corp. The land was
sold for just Rs. 6 crores which worths Rs. 180 crores. Almost 600 acres of
land is sold at the rate of one lakh per acre.

Chandrababu Naidu is deceiving people and
not interested to give land for the under privileged or provide shelters for
them, but he is enthusiastic to share the lands to his people and for that he
is utilizing public money and government resources while exploiting the public.
If anyone questions this, they are counted in illegal cases. The evil deeds of
grabbing from poor and sharing to rich is no more accepted and in the near days
he has to answer for his deeds, is the opinion expressed by many. 

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