Chandrababu Defies The Constitution Of India

YSRCP’s official spokesperson Ambati Rambabu demanded that Chandrababu,
who had earlier made controversial statements that nobody would wish to be born
in SC community, should apologize to the people of that community. He remarked
that mere inauguration of Dr.BR Ambedkar’s statue and offering garlands to it,
without making any apology would not wash his sins off. Ambati stated that he
and his allies were happy about inauguration of Dr.Ambedkar’s statue but
complained that Chandrababu did not deserve the honour of inaugurating it,
being a person to have mocked the constitution.

He also commented that Chandrababu was acting anti-constitutional by
encouraging party defection. He mentioned that nobody could beat Babu in buying
MLAs. He questioned the reasoning behind buying MLAs in AP while accusing TRS
for buying TDP MLAs like cattle in Telangana. He also demanded to know the
justification behind Babu’s defying the constitution drafted by Dr.BR Ambedkar.

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