Chandrababu Is Daydreaming Of Coming To Power in 2019

Vizag: YSR Congress Party leader and party's Visakhapatnam district unit President Gudivada Amaranth said that AP Chief minister N Chandrababu Naidu was daydreaming about coming to power again in 2019. 

Addressing the press,  the YSR Congress leader said people realized they were deceived by Chandrababu in 2014 and they are not ready to be cheated again. He also lambasted TDP leaders of Visakhapatnam district.  

Amaranth warned Pendurthi MLA Bandaru Satyanarayana that he will chop off the TDP Leader's tongue if he did not stop making allegations against YSR Congress leaders.   Bandaru's comments had created an impression that he was drug addict.  

The YSR Congress leader ridiculed the MLA's claim that his family donated lands to poor during Bhudaan Movement. He alleged that TDP leader encroached lands belonging to poor. Bandaru was one of the traitors in dethroning NTR from CM post in 1995 in united Andhra Pradesh. 

Amaranth also pointed out that AP Minister Ganta Srinivasa Rao comments against his cabinet colleague Ayyannapathrudu on the encroachment of costly lands in Visakhapatnam recently.  

He took on the TDP leaders and ministers for promoting  land and liquor mafia in the coastal district.  The YSR Congress leader said all the land liquor scams will be unearthed once YSR Congress come to power in the state. 
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