Chandrababu behaving like a dictator

Chittoor: Andhra Pradesh State under TDP rule is reminding of dictator rule, said YSR Congress Party senior leader and Punganur MLA Peddireddy Ramachandra Reddy.

 He alleged that the the TDP government is behaving like a dictator by not allowing the opposition leaders to raise their voice.  YSRCP will always be forefront in implementing schemes in support of the public and fight against their problems, he said. 

He also said that the YSRCP leaders have been fighting against the Chandrababu Naidu government and it's anti people policies.  " We are raising people's issues and highlighting TDP government failures. Chandrababu deceived all section of people in Andhra Pradesh. He also resorted to real estate business in Amaravati in the name of capital construction. 'Looting and Saving is only TDP's agenda," he said.

Peddireddy also urged the YSRCP workers not to cow down by the threats from  ruling TDP and assured the YSRCP will stand by them. 
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