That is Chandrababu!

one way, Chandrababu boasts about the protection given to women and on
the other side he himself revealed his wrong side where he supported
sand mafia. In the recent case of sand mafia attacking the revenue
official, woman Tahsildar Vanajakshi, by TDP whip Chintamaneni Prabhakar
is supported by Babu. Based on this, there was a severe revolt from
women against the Government, where in Babu insisted and forced the
Employees Union to close the issue.  The Chief Minister himself acted as
a mediator in cooking the stories to save the people behind the mafia.
This issue has been brought before the Ministers meeting, where they
finally supported the whip Chintamaneni Prabhakar and said that the
mistake is only done by Tahsildar Vanajakshi and no one is responsible
for it. So, finally he could add a break to this issue.

in reality, there is another story behind it. Chandrababu Naidu and
Kotari are having shares in the sand mafia is well spread news. Due to
this, Chintamaneni Prabhakar is over reacting. Attacking a lady in the
day light shamelessly and speaking about it in the Chief Ministers
office and finally settling the issue itself proves this. At this stage
he could not tolerate any word to be spoken against chintamaneni and on
the top of that, called the Government employee and gave a warning. This
clearly proves the bonding of Chandrababu with sand mafia. This reveals
the security given by Chandrababu Naidu to women.

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