Bike Rally Led By YSRCP

Pamarru: Under the leadership of YSRCP’s SC cell, a bike rally was conducted at
Avanigadda of Krishna district. Slogans were raised for making Dr.BR Ambedkar’s
birth anniversary celebration a success. Hundreds of youngsters participated in
this rally under the leadership of the co-ordinator of the constituency
Simhadri Ramesh Babu. YSRCP’s SC cell president Meruga Nagarjuna arrived as the
chief guest for the event. First the statue of Dr.BR Ambedkar at Thotapalli was
decorated with a flower garland. Later the statue of late CM Dr.YS Rajasekhar
Reddy at the bus stand centre of the town was decorated with flower garlands
and tribute was paid. Then all the youngsters rallied on the streets of the
town on bikes.

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