BCs' Revolt Against Babu Is Certain To Happen

  • Ruling TDP’s atrocity in capital area
  • Attack on Sarpanch’s property indicates what?
  • No action till 2 days after the arson
  • This shall not be tolerated anymore
  • YSR is the real leader who worked for BCs’ welfare
  • TDP is sure to be drowned in the Bay of Bengal
  • YSRCP will form Government next
  • YS Jagan speaks at Nidamanuru
  • Krishna: Ruling TDP’s atrocities in capital area were crossing
    boundaries, criticised the leader of opposition in AP and YSRCP president, YS
    Jagan. He complained that the arson of Sarpanch Koteswara Rao’s car had not
    been investigated in the last 2 days and no action had been taken. He slammed
    the way TDP leaders had been using the police to carry on their misdeeds and
    questioned the CM for being a silent spectator.

    After consoling
    Koteswara Rao, YS Jagan spoke to the media and condemned the vengeful attack
    made on his property and the indifference shown by the police and questioned what
    they indicated. He criticised obstructing the Sarpanch from going to his office
    by locking it. Stating that such misdeeds would no longer be tolerated, he
    stated that Chandrababu who always stated that he had come to power with the
    support of BC community, would soon have to face resistance from them.
    Predicting that Chandrababu’s rule would soon be drowned in the Bay of Bengal,
    he confided that the rule of the poor was soon to come.

    Acclaiming YSR as the
    only leader who had worked for the welfare of BCs, he criticised Chandrababu
    for bragging about benefiting BCs just by giving them some scissors and iron
    boxes. He suggested that real welfare was possible if children were educated
    without their parents being drowned in debts. YS Jagan slammed Chandrababu for
    raising fees to lakhs and not implementing fees reimbursement scheme properly.

    Reminding that YSRCP had
    gotten a majority of 900 votes in Nidamanuru village in the last assembly
    elections, he warned Chandrababu to stop misdeeds like depriving people of
    their chance to utilize democratic right to vote for leaders of their choice.

    YS Jagan demanded for
    taking action against those responsible for the arson at Nidamanuru and added
    that only then could justice be served to BC community. He cautioned that
    Chandrababu would have to pay price for his misdeeds if he closed the case for

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