Bauxite discussion in Council

Legislation Council: The YSRCP MLC Ummareddy
Venkateswarulu questioned the Government to explain why GO97 was initiated. He
reminded that it was mentioned in the Cabinet that the GO was temporarily
suspended. He accused that they are intentionally diverting to mine bauxite in
the future. He demanded the Government to confirm if the Bauxite Mining matter
was in its agenda or not.

Ummareddy said that in Village
Committees there is no approval for bauxite mining. He said that it is
unfortunate that the TDP has not formed the Tribal Advisory Committee even
after 19 months of coming to power. Ummareddy said that bauxite mining affects
the tribal welfare and he said that the Governor has to take up this matter as
it comes under the schedule 5. He mentioned that Chandrababu himself has
written letters to Governor requesting him to suspend bauxite mining. He said
that this matter is supposed to be taken to the notice of the President.

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