Balineni Visits Ongole For The First Time After Taking Charge

Prakasam District: Former minister and YSRCP's state general secretary Balineni Srinivas Reddy taking charge as the district's party president filled excitement in the party cadre of the district. Balineni is visiting Ongole for the first time today, after taking up the charges. On this occasion, the party's leaders, activists and followers are all set to give him a warm welcome with huge flexis and decorative flags set up.
Balineni is scheduled to perform special poojs at Valluramma temple on the main highway in the afternoon and rally from there via Ram Nagar, Church centre, Trunk road, Kurnool road, Flyover bridge and Mangamuru road to reach the party office of the district. Balineni has friendly relations and popularity throughout the district. The party cadre is all excited to work with even more efficiency under the leadership of Balineni in the direction of consolidation of the party.

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