Babu's Unethical Politics To See Light In The National Capital

  • YS Jagan  and YSRCP MLAs to New Delhi
  • Babu's unethical politics to see light in the national level
  • YS Jagan to meet the President and the Prime Minister of India
  • Complaint against party defection
  • Hyderabad

    : YSRCP got ready to expose Chandrababu's unethical act of enticing the MLAs of opposition party with crores of rupees and political positions at national level. With 'Save Democracy' as their slogan, a team led by the leader of opposition and YSRCP president YS Jagan set out to New Delhi. They are going to complain to the president, the Prime Minister and the Home Minister against the purchase of opposition party MLAs going on in the state by the ruling party with corrupt money and the Government's anti-constitutional rule. YS Jagan is also going to meet the leaders of various national parties and explain the conspiracies being plotted by Chandrababu. MLAs of YSR Congress party are going to stay in New Delhi for 3 days.

    They are going to showcase the undemocratic encouragement of Chandrababu to inter-party migration, thereby suppressing the anti-defection law. It is known that YS Jagan had already met the Governor of AP, Narasimhan on the 23rd of April and complained against Chandrababu's unethical and corrupt rule. Candlelight vigil had been conducted by YSRCP on the same night at the headquarters of all districts under the name 'Save Democracy', which was supported by people of all social classes.
    It is heard that YSR Congress party had asked for appointment of leaders of various national parties and parliamentary parties. Depending on the time allotted by the president Pranab Mukherjee, the Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the Home Minister Rajnath Singh, the team of YSRCP leaders will meet them and describe to them the unconstitutional rule going on in the state of AP.

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