Babu’s Bias Against The Opposition

Hyderabad: YSRCP MLAs
criticized Chandrababu Naidu for conspiring to not allocate funds to their
constituencies. They slammed him for showing favouritism towards ruling party
MLAs in spite of being in a position to equally treat all the MLAs when it came
to allotting funds. They demanded Babu to allot them funds, at least after
watching and learning from the Chief Ministers of the neighbouring states.

Budda Rajasekhar
Reddy (MLA of Srisailam)

YSRCP MLA Budda Rajasekhar Reddy condemned the bias shown by the
Government. He remarked that the assembly had the responsibility of protecting
the rights of its members irrespective of the party they came from and which
party was in power. He stated that a person had to work hard to win as an MLA
from a constituency and added that the people of that constituency would keep
their hopes high for that person. He complained that the Government had not
been allotting funds to the constituencies of YSRCP MLAs. He expressed his
agony saying that they were in a helpless situation due to lack of funds, in
spite of being responsible for 3-4 lakhs of people as their representative.

Rajasekhar Reddy slammed the obstruction posed by TDP MLAs while YSRCP
MLAs spoke in the assembly. He complained that the Government always laid
concentration on how to mentally trouble the opposition party’s MLAs by not sanctioning
them the funds and how to lure them. He informed that in the neighbouring state
Telangana, each MLA were being given Rs.3 crore funds. The Chief Minister had
the authority to give salaries as well as funds. But he expressed that it was atrocious
to snatch one’s funds to feed others. He opined  that a law should be made so that the rights
of the members of the house were protected irrespective of the party forming
the Government.

Ramachandra Reddy (MLA of Punganuru)

MLA Peddireddy Ramachandra Reddy slammed creating rights to the TDP
leaders who had lost elections, by calling them ‘in-charges’ and sanctioning funds
to them. He specified that nobody had cancelled the MLAs’ funds earlier and
criticized Chandrababu for doing it now.  He reminded that CM KCR of the neighbouring
state Telangana was sanctioning Rs.3 crore funds for MLAs. He requested the
Government to note this and sanction Rs.3 crore to the MLAs of AP too.

Anil Kumar Yadav
(MLA of Nellore Rural)

MLA Anil Kumar Yadav complained that the Government’s boasting about building
13,000 toilets as part of Swacch Bharat was all false. He mentioned that this
work was incomplete in Nellore corporation area where 700 students were
present. He remarked that it was shameful for the schools in the ward adopted
by the municipality minister to not have restrooms.

He suggested Chandrababu who boasted about building Hyderabad, having
elected as MLA 7 times and having become the Chief Minister thrice o take care
of his constituency. Having seen Chandrababu mentioning his seniority a number
of times, their teams had visited and studied 60 schools in his constituency, Anil
Kumar informed. He described that the situation in those schools was too bad.
None of the 60 schools had bathrooms or drinking water, he stated. He added
that the schools did also not have main roads and compound walls. He ridiculed
Lokesh who was welcoming donors by saying that he had to take care of the CM’s
constituency first. Anil Kumar Yadav suggested Chandrababu that he first had to
provide good quality education and do justice to the people of his constituency
Kuppam who had elected him as MLA 7 times made him the CM thrice.


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