Babu Is Worried About Making Lokesh The CM

Delhi: CM Chandrababu was worried more about making  his son, Lokesh, the CM of the state, than about the welfare of the people, commented YSRCP MP, Mekapati Rajamohan Reddy.

YSRCP MPs spoke to the media after participating in the budget sessions of the parliament. Expressing dissatisfaction towards the budget, Mekapati opined that sanction of special category status as mentioned in reorganisation act would have been helpful. Slamming the double standards followed by TDP, he recollected how Chandrababu suggested at the time of elections that SCS should be sanctioned for 15 years and how he recently started projecting special package as a better option.

Reminding that SCS would bring with it industries and employment, Mekapati stated that they would keep fighting for the status under the leadership of YS Jagan. Welcoming the tax exemption announced to farmers who had given away their lands for land pooling in the capital area, he said that no other things mentioned in the budget were useful for the state. He added that this factor also would benefit TDP leaders more than poor farmers.
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