Babu Is Responsible For Ananthapuram Crimes

  • Babu has created Nayeem and
    Jadala Nagaraju
  • Babu is nurturing demonic
    powers in the society
  • I have no involvement in Tuni
  • Attempts to corner YSRCP are
  • YSRCP's general secretary
  • Guntur Rural: YSRCP's general secretary Bhumana Karunakar
    Reddy criticised that Chandrababu was a betrayer of people. He complained that
    Babu was trying to divert people's attention from TDP's failure to solve their
    problems while continuing to perform anti-people rule. He commented that
    Chandrababu had abundance of demonic powers and stated that he had nurtured
    anti-social elements like Nayeem and Jadala Nagaraju. He held Chandrababu
    responsible for the social agitation and arson that had taken place
    when NTR had been eliminated from the CM's seat due to Nadendla Bhaskar Rao
    in 1984.

    Bhumana also opined that
    Chandrababu was responsible for the murders more than 400 in number that
    took place in Ananthapuram in the last 10 years and the chaos created
    after Paritala Ravi's murder. After being summoned for the CID inquiry
    regarding Tuni arson, he attended it at the regional CID office in
    Guntur. After he reached the office at 11:15 a.m., the officers interrogated
    him for 7.5 hours. Later speaking to the media, he complained that Chandrababu
    was deliberately cornering him in a case in which he had no involvement.

    Bhumana condemned
    Chandrababu's conspiracy to impose cases on YS Jagan and himself pertaining to
    Tuni arson. He commented that the officials should first question Babu how he
    had been informed about their involvement in the first place. He demanded
    that the police were to prove their impartiality by giving notices to CM
    Chandrababu and home minister Chinarajappa. He complained that he was being
    repeatedly summoned for inquiry in spite of his innocence.

    condemned Chandrababu's attempts to ruin YSRCP by blaming the leaders of
    the party for something they had not done. He proclaimed that Babu was doing
    such unjust acts out of jealousy for YS Jagan's support to Mudragada
    Padmanabham's deeksha.

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