Babu Posing Heavy Burden On People

  • Is Babu planning to privatize RTC?
  • How can you hike prices thrice in 2 years?
  • Rs.120 crore burden in a year on people
  • YSR never hiked charges even when oil cost
    rose: Venugopala Krishna

Hyderabad: Chandrababu had promised before coming into power that he would not hike
RTC charges but had already hikes them thrice in a period of 2 years and 1
month, criticised YSRCP’s official spokesman Chelluboina Venugopala Krishna. The
hike had been 12% in 2015 and 10% in 2016, he mentioned. He complained that
Chandrababu had been posing big burden on people just by raising prices by one
rupee. He condemned this on behalf of YSRCP.

Venugopala Krishna stated that former CM YS Raja Sekhar Reddy
had not raised the charges even when crude oil rate was $140 and mentioned that
the price having dropped to $40 now, Chandrababu was hiking prices instead of
bringing them down. He also condemned collection of Rs.4 per litre over VAT on

He sternly questioned if Chandrababu was planning to privatize RTC.
He slammed the Rs.120 crore burden to be imposed on people this year. He blamed
the Government’s failure for the price rise and demanded the Government to give
up its rule in such an incompetent situation.

Babu promised to not raise power charged at the time of Pada
yatra in Kakinada, he reminded. After collecting Re.1 from each person and
filling the treasury, Rs.2000 crore of it was being spent for industrialists’
discounts, he remarked. Venugopala Krishna complained that corruption of worth
hundreds of crores had happened in Pattiseema issue. Endowments lands of worth
thousands of crores of rupees had been simply swallowed, he reminded. He
ridiculed that Chandrababu who always used the words “you have to remember that”
in every media conference was actually forgetting everything. He reminded that
people never forgot anything.

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