Babu Has Turned Into A Political Demon

  • Babu’s history is
    anti-farmer history
  • Sheer lies about
    implementation of promises
  • People are observing
  • Treatment towards
    Mudragada was atrocious
  • YSRCP army never gets
    tired: Bhumana Karunakar Reddy

Hyderabad: YSRCP’s state
general secretary Bhumana Karunakar Reddy called it shameless of Chandrababu to
announce at Ongole that 90% of the promises made at the time of elections had
been implemented, in spite of not really implementing any of the promises. Babu
had not even tried to initiate the waiver of Rs.14,000 crore loans for DWCRA
women or release of mortgaged gold and the Rs.87,000 crore loans at the time of
elections had reached Rs.1,10,000 crore now, he remarked. He questioned the
correctness of announcing that Rs.11,000 crore loans had been waived and the
remaining Rs.13,000 crore would be waived in the next three years, while the
actual loan was Rs.1,10,000 crore.

Bhumana called it
ridiculous for Babu to express satisfaction regarding farmers’ happiness and to
call for taking the Government’s deeds into the people. He remarked that people
were fed up and scared of Chandrababu’s repeated boasting in the name of
teleconferences and media conferences.

Babu is the sorcerer
of the sorcerers

Bhumana criticised
that Chandrababu stood first in the line of robbers of the world. He informed
that YSRCP would expose the deception of Chandrababu during the Gadapagadapaku
YSR programme to be held on the 8th of July. He remarked that cheats
and sorcerers also would not lie as much as Chandrababu and called him the
sorcerer of the sorcerers.

Bhumana reminded that not
even one of the promises made by Babu when he signed on the five files at the
time of swearing in as the CM had been kept. He menrioned how the farmers of Allaram
mandal of Konaseema had declared crop holiday in light of Babu’s anti-farmer
administration. He questioned what had happened to the promise of free
electricity made to farmers. He stated that Babu’s history was full of
anti-farmer policies and ways.

Bhumana complained
that people who would speak against Chandrababu’s Government and demand to know
about the situation of promises made were being falsely accused, threatened and
treated as traitors. Bhumana stated that Chandrababu had turned into a
political demon. He reminded how Kapu community had been betrayed by Babu’s

Babu’s behaviour in an
insult to the mankind

Bhumana reminded how
Babu had been suppressing the media and criticised the way Mudragada
Padmanabham’s family had been treated, specifying how the women in the family
had been ill-treated. He also mentioned Babu’s mockery towards the farmers who had
asked for assistance in marketing their produce.

YS Jagan leads the

Bhumana expressed fury
towards Babu’s suppressive mentality and tyrannical behaviour. He stated that
revolt would start from the people observing all these events and that YS Jagan
would lead the revolt. He remarked that defectors of YSRCP were now repenting
and stated that everybody was in discontent with Babu’s behaviour.

This army never gets
tired to fight

Bhumana mentioned that
the army of YSRCP would never get tired in its fight for people’s well-being.
He appreciated the leaders and the activists of the party for always being
ready. He informed that Gadapagadapaku YSR programme would be held on the 8th
of July as per the directions of the leader of opposition and YSRCP president
YS Jagan.

Bhumana commented that
the speaker’s announcement about spending Rs.11.5 crore at the time of
elections clearly suggested how much Chandrababu could have spent. He appealed
to the Elections Commission and the judiciary to take action against speaker

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