Babu And KCR Competing With Each Other

  • Corruption is ruling the state
  • We shall present evidence very soon
  • Nobody in the state is happy except KCR's family
  • Corruption in everything including irrigation projects and pisciculture
  • TYSRCP state general secretary Sivakumar
  • Hyderabad:
    TYSRCP’s general secretary K.Siva Kumar commented that Telangana CM KCR was
    competing with AP CM Chandrababu in corruption. Stating that he would expose
    the corruption going on in the state in the name of welfare schemes, he
    ridiculed KCR by stating that nobody was happy in KCR’s version of ‘Bangaru
    Telangana’, except the members of KCR’s family. He questioned what action the
    CM had taken against the culprits of corruption in the Shadi Mubaraq scheme
    reported by the officials, after all the prompting he had done for informing
    any case of corruption in the state through phone number.

    Siva Kumar
    commented that corruption happening in CM relief fund, fake seeds, pink
    tractors and all other schemes was going on with the knowledge of KCR. He spoke
    to the media at the party’s office.

    Corruption in pisciculture too

    Siva Kumar
    complained that corruption was dominating a wide range of activities in the
    state including irrigation projects and culture of fishes. He added that the
    subsidy deserved by the farmers was also being robbed by the TRS leaders. He
    questioned why fish were suddenly dropped into the lakes now, when they were
    actually supposed to be cultured in August. After the Government had decided
    the price of each fish as Rs.1.20 and a person getting the tender for a cost of
    60 paise, he was supposed to leave 1 lakh fish in the lakes but only 20,000
    fish were left, Siva Kumar revealed.

    The Government
    leaders personally took up the responsibility that was otherwise the Fishery
    Board’s and Rs.49 crore reached wrong pockets. He made it clear that TYSRCP
    would continue to fight with TRS Government. He declared that he would soon
    come out with the right evidence.

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