Assault On Mudragada Is Brutal And Unjust

  • Babu’s conspiracy to create groups among Kapu community
  • Police break into Mudragada’s house and arrest him
  • Physical assault for demanding realization of promises
  • Pressure on MSOs for stopping telecast of certain news channels
  • YSR is Godly for Kapus
  • YSRCP’s complete support to Mudragada: Ambati Rambabu

Hyderabad: YSRCP’s official spokesman Ambati Rambabu slammed the physical
assault on Kapu leader Mudragada Padmanabham’s family for asking the Government
to keep the promises made to the community. During a media conference at the
party’s central office in Hyderabad, he condemned the attack on the leader by
Chandrababu’s Government. He mentioned Chandrababu’s creation of disparities
among castes earlier and blamed him for doing it again within the caste now, in
greed for stabilization of authority.

Ambati slammed the
brutal break in and assault happened at the residence of Mudragada Padmanabham
and commented that it was unjust to beat up the son of a former minister and
take him away just for requesting on behalf of the community for the promises
to be kept. He also mentioned the ill-treatment of Mudragada’s wife by the
police. He reminded Chandrababu’s promises to offer reserved status to the Kapu
community and allotment of Rs.1000 crore annually for its welfare. Ambati
complained that Chandrababu had silenced certain news channels to avoid spread
of the word about the assault and mentioned that footage shot by certain people
present on the location on their mobile phones had already reached the social
media and that everybody would learn about the atrocity of the police on the
innocent family.

Why were the police not there on that day?

Ambati questioned why the police were not present on the day of
Tuni arson as much as they were around Mudaragada’s house during his deeksha.
He reminded of the absence of the police when two police stations and a train had
been put on fire and blamed Chandrababu for planning the incident in such a
wise manner. He criticised that Chandrababu was responsible in all ways for the
arson but now he was getting innocent people arrested and was trying to create
disparities between the people of the two districts by saying that people of
Godavari districts were innocent and people from Kadapa came in to create the

Ambati complained that Chandrababu was adopting blackmail
strategies and plotting conspiracies to frame opposition leaders in the arson.
He acclaimed Mudragada to be a clean person with commitment. He questioned why
Mudragada’s deeksha in February had not been hindered and only ministers
Achennayudu, Bonda Uma and kala Venkatrao had been sent as messengers to stop
the deeksha. He reminded the way Mudragada had pleasantly pleaded for Kapu
community to be joined in BC category and slammed the way he had been

Is it not a crime?

Ambati remarked that
preventing news channels from entering the scene and covering the incident on
news itself was proving that what happened was not right. He complained that
Babu had employed SPs and joint collectors to bring pressure on MSOs for
stopping the telecast of Sakshi and three more news channels that fearlessly
delivered true news about the Government. He commented that Mudragada was in
fact a much better and more qualified person than Chandrababu to be the CM of
the state. He also added that his son Giri was a better person than Lokesh. He
cautioned against Chandrababu doing any harm to Mudragada.

Babu is demonic towards Kapus

Ambati commented that
YSR had been worshipped by Kapu community because he had worked for their benefit
and taken good care of them by solving their problems and added that Chandrababu
was being evil to them, in response to Chandrababu’s statement that he was
being treated as a devil in spite of doing a lot and YSR was being treated like
God in spite of doing nothing. He mentioned that Mudragada had staged deekshas
even during YSR’s tenure but never had been ill-treated like now.

Ambati suggested that
disputes in the name of castes were not good. He reminded that even NTR had
lost after vangaveeti’s murder. He cautioned that Chandrababu had to pay his
price if he continued this kind of behaviour. He also warned that Babu would
have to meet the same fate met by Congress party that had bifurcated the state
behind closed doors of the parliament off air. He confided that this kind of
arrests and oppressions would only increase unity in the community and warned
against thinking authority and police support were permanent.

Kudos to Mudragada...

Ambati strongly condemned the brutal assault on Mudragada on
behalf of YSR Congress Party. He assured that the party would stay supportive
of every caste and every class that had been deceived by the Government in the
name of promises. He slammed the Government for making the habit of blaming YS
Jagan for every crime that happens around the state. He offered kudos to
Mudragada for continuing his deeksha even after hospitalization and stated that
a team of representatives of YSRCP would go to Rajahmundry the next day and
extend support to his deeksha.

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