Are You Trying To Kill Our Leader?!

  • TDP is conspiring against YS Jagan
  • Chandrababu should respond about Ravela's statements
  • Babu has insulted Dalit MLAs
  • Is this democracy?
  • Meruga slams Chandrababu
  • Guntur: TDP was conspiring to end the life of the leader of opposition in AP and YSRCP president, YS Jagan, complained the party's SC cell president, Meruga Nagarjuna. Citing TDP minister, Ravela Kisore Babu's statement during his speech that it was easy to get rid of opposition leader in Janmabhoomi programme, he expressed doubts about TDP's conspiracies. Demanding an explanation from Chandrababu, he spoke to the media at the party's office in Guntur, along with Lella Appireddy and MLA Mustafa.
    Meruga cautioned Ravela Kishore Babu against passing statements about the leader of opposition and challenged him to come forward and reveal how he planned to get rid of YS Jagan.

    Do Dalits lack democratic rights?
    The 186th birth anniversary of Dalit leader Savirtibai was held at YSRCP's office in Guntur district. Meruga decorated her portrait with flower garlands, remembered her service, wished for her soul to rest in peace and tribute to her. Speaking on this occasion, he commented that the ideals of such great leaders were being ignored by the Government in AP and anti-constitutional governance was going on.
    Mentioning the public meeting that had happened the previous day in Kurnool, Meruga commented that Chandrababu lacked respect for Dalits. Slamming the way MLA Aijayya had been insulted, the way Dalits were being attacked and the way Dalit laws were being misused, he questioned if Dalit MLAs lacked the democratic right to speak.
    Reminding how Dalits had been respected during YSR's tenure, he remarked that on the contrary, Dalits' feelings were being hurt now in Chandrababu's rule.

    Ravela has become mentally unstable
    Meruga Nagarjuna slammed the Dalit MLAs and ministers of TDP for growing the habit of nodding their heads to whatever Chandrababu said. Ridiculing that minister Ravela had lost his mental stability, he commented that he was shamelessly pleading for the mercy of Chandrababu. He cautioned that TDP would burn in the flames of Dalits' fury soon.
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