AP’s new capital scavenged

Ruling party leaders, under the leadership of CM Nara Chandrababu Naidu resorted to unhindered robbing of lands. Hiding the decision that was taken in the very first cabinet meeting on the capital city area, they created havoc among the people by giving out different news every day. They scared the public by spreading the news that compensation would not be given to assigned and lanka lands. Later they resorted to subterfuge and guile and also threatened the people who would not obey them in order to buy 25 thousands of acres of land in the secretly-decided capital city area. They owned lands from farmers of 29 villages by paying extremely low price. Then when the capital city was announced, the value of the lands of cost 4-5 lakhs suddenly rose to 4-5 crores. This is the reflection of extreme misuse of power by Chandrababu and co. and its value is loot of lakhs of crores of rupees. What is now exposed is only part of the actual robbery.

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