AP Jinxed By Babu

  • TDP is making people scared of pushkarams
  • The stampede is still unforgettable
  • 29 people sacrificed to Babu's craze for publicity
  • Still no action taken against the CM
  • People at chaos in light of Krishna pushkarams approaching

AP: Usually people eagerly wait for pushkarams that come once in every 12 years. They pray to get out of their sins and problems just by dipping in the holy waters. People travel from far off areas too. But in AP, people are being scared of pushkarams, owing to the mark left by the fateful incident that had happened last year during Godavari pushkarams.

Concern about Chandrababu's jinx
Chandrababu is norotious to have taken 29 innocent lives with his craze for publicity. As he entered into the general pushkar ghat in order to get a better footage for the film being made on pushkarams, a chaos was created there. As soon as they were allowed to come in after the CM's family left, a stampede took place. The devotees who had come to take a holy dip had to give away their lives. This has left a dark memory in people's minds and they are now scared what will happen if he places his leg in Krishna pushkarams. Having pocketed hundreds of crores of rupees during Goavari pushkarams' arrangements, Chandrababu is continuing the same process in Krishna pushkarams too.
YS Jagan has to come for the problems to go
Even after a year, no inquiry has been done on the incident and no action has been taken in that direction either. When the CM who has to bother about the well-being of the people took their lives due to his craze for publicity, people are at disgust. Chandrababu's swearing in as the CM has raised curtain to all the problems. Drought hit the state. The weather is not kind. Farmers are committing suicide with nowhere else to go. People are wishing for YS Jagan to become the CM in order to get rid of all these problems. They believe that only he can bring about the development of the state. They are owing to make him the next CM.

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