Condemning the arrest of party MLA in Visakhapatnam, YSR Congress
Party has demanded that the TDP Government should set up the SC, ST
Commission as the sections are deprived of the welfare schemes after
Chandrababu Naidu took over the reins of the State.

strongly condemn the arrest of our Party MLA Sarveswara Rao, who
objected to the display TDP leaders’ photos while observing Adivasi
Diwas at Andhra University and expressed concern over not putting up
even a single picture of a tribal or Dalit icons,’ party SC Cell
President M Nagarjuna told reporters on Tuesday.

he raised objection for not placing even a single photo of Ambedkar and
Adivasi leaders and objected to the display of TDP leaders photos
prominently being placed, he was arrested which shows the arrogance of
the State and the respect it gives to dalits and adivasis.

strongly condemn the arrest. TDP has been adopting anti-Dalit policies
as it has passed a GO to carry forward the SC ST Sub-plan funds without
spending them for the intended purpose,” he said.

It was YSR
who has worked for the welfare of Tribals and have given them pattas but
the TDP government has been neglecting the marginalsied sections of the
society, he said.
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