Anger on one Minister…!

When anyone doesn’t listen or care about the words of
Chandrababu Naidu, he will be fuming with anger. Presently, his anger is
concentrated on one Minister. As and when the Pushkaras arrangements started,
the relevant Minister tried to work towards it is the news. However, the core team
along with Chandrababu planned to take hundreds of crores illegally from the
allotted 1650 crores for the arrangements. Because of this reason, they felt
that if they involve this Minister from BJP, their deeds may be revealed so
they put this Minister aside.  Finally, the Minister himself could not
digest this and revealed it out. Everyone’s looks were towards the Organizer
behind the Pushkaras when the stampede happened on the first day.

So, they could realize that Chandrababu Naidu
and his gang has kept the Minister aside sometime back.  As the matter was
out, Chandrababu Naidu became furious about the Minister. “This Minister not
only acted as an obstruction while doing the preparations for Pushkaras, but
also acting as a lead for the Opposition party now” so Chandrababu Naidu is
angry with this Minister. There is a news spread that there is a plan to remove
the Minister by making him responsible for the incident happened during

Apart from this there is one more to add on to
this. During the State separation, one IIT was allotted to Andhra Pradesh. It
was planned to be established in Tadepalligudem of West Godavari District of
the same Minister*s Constituency. But, the TDP leaders who purchased land in Eluru,
approached the Chief Minister and to justify their money spent towards land,
and based on the mutual benefit core team planned to change this to Eluru.
Steps were taken towards the same by the State Government.

This Minister then struggled to get the IIT to
his own constitution striving on behalf of the people of Tadepalligudem. This
was not liked by the Telugu brothers. So, the TDP leaders are planning to
smother the Minister on the name of the Stampede incident happened in the

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