Ambedkar Statue cleansed by milk

Hyderabad: The leader of Opposition, YS. Jagan offered tribute to the statue of father of constitution, B.R. Ambedkar. To divert from the discussion of call money and sex scandal, in the assembly Naidu has repeatedly used the name of Ambedkar which was comparatively irrelevant at that point of discussion. In order to protest the act of Naidu, YS Jagan called for the protest and paid tribute to Ambedkar state-wide. As a part of the protest, the BR Ambedkar Statue near Tank Bund in Hyderabad was cleansed with milk followed by offering tributes and garlanding the statue. Jagan then addressed the people and said it is worst act of Naidu using the name of Ambedkar shamelessly to divert the discussion of Call money and sex scandal case.


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