All roads lead to YSRCP Office

In a democratic set up, political power always revolves around politicians who have unquestionable charisma among the people, especially the masses below the poverty line. But charisma is something which revolves around politicians who care for people’s welfare in right earnest.

While some politicians carry an aura of charisma around them thanks to the popularity of their political parties among the masses, some leaders bask in their individual charisma with which they run their political parties and attract political power.

YS Jagan Mohan Reddy belongs to the second category of politicians who has strengthened his individual charisma by moving closer to the people through his Odarpu Yatra. This is the reason for the YSRCP attracting more and more leaders and workers of different parties into its fold day by day.

The goings-on in different political parties in the state in the last few days indicate that while the mass appeal of the YSRCP is being multiplied by leaps and bounds with each passing day with more and more people joining it, the ruling party Congress and the main opposition party  are finding it difficult to keep its flock together.

The two parties have been psychologically gripped by the fear of mass exodus of their leaders and activists into the YSRCP.

The YSRCP head office at Jubilee Hills in Hyderabad has been witnessing a flurry of activity these days with hundreds of activists from other parties visiting it and joining the fledgling party while the offices of TDP and Congress are looking deserted.

People from all walks of life, especially those from the BC communities, are regularly visiting the YSRCP office bringing it a festive look whereas NTR Bhavan and Gandhi Bhavan are struggling hard to attract people into their premises.

The trend which has begun in the recent days is likely to continue unabated for some more months. The focus has already been shifted to the YSRCP office and the writing is there on the wall for everyone to see.

Is the trend not indicative of the young mass leader Jagan coming to power in the next assembly elections? 

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