4 Lakh People Give Missed call On First Day Of ‘YSR Kutumbam’

The YSRCP has launched its ambitious YSR Kutumbam initiative from Monday. 
About 4 lakh people signed up for YSR Congress Party membership on the first day of 'YSR Kutumbam'. This 20 day programme is meant to reach out to the voters and explain them about the TDP misrule and the YSRCP assurances to the people. The booth-level training for the massive public outreach has just been completed.
Under this programme, the party cadre will go to the doorsteps of the people and elicit their response to the three year TDP rule. They would try to ascertain if the people are able to access the Government schemes that are being publicized. Froom September 11 till October 2, the party workers will fan out into the nook and corner of the state.
A questionnaire on the TDP rule will be circulated and the students are asked to reply to the questionnaire. Based on their replies, they would be given marks to the TDP rule. Under this scheme, each party worker will meet two persons per day and interact with them for half hour each. In every village, at least 10 YSRCP activists will take part in the scheme. The people would be asked if they were able to access benefits like oldage pensions, widow pensions, ration, unemployed honorarium, loan waiver, Arogya sri, fee reimbursement etc.
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