The 10-Point Questionnaire To Chandrababu

  • Straight questions on
    two-year rule
  • YSRCP poses 10 questions to
  • Former minister Botsa
    releases the questionnaire
  • Hyderabad:
    Senior leader of YSRCP and former minister, Botsa Satyanarayana questioned what
    development had happened in the last 2 years except financial betterment of
    Chandrababu’s family. He spoke to the media at the party’s central office in
    Hyderabad. He spoke on the way Maha Sankalpa Sabha had been held at Kadapa. He
    questioned if the promises made prior to elections were not sankalpams (meaning
    intentions) and only unhindered corruption, misuse of authority and atrocities
    that had happened after he got into power were sankalpams. He released a
    10-point questionnaire to Chandrababu on behalf of YSR Congress Party on
    account of completion of two years of Chandrababu’s governance.

    1)   What
    happened to the waiver of farmers’ loans?

    Have all the loans of farmers been waived? How many
    loans were there before you got into power? How many loans are still owed after
    these 2 years to the banks? How many loans did farmers get from the banks since
    ten years before you came to power? How many loans did farmers get after you
    came to power? Is it not true that you allocated only Rs.9000 crore for loan
    waiver, forgetting the Rs.87,612 crore earlier loans? The farmers who believed
    in your words and did not pay interest on their loans have been charged with
    late payment fees of Rs.30,000 crore. Is this a lie?

    2)   How
    many DWCRA loans have been waived?

    Have you waived at least one rupee of DWCRA loans?
    How many A-grade DWCRA units were there when you came to power? Now after 2
    years how many are there?

    3)   A
    job for every household or stipend of Rs.2000

    How many jobs have you given? Who has been
    sanctioned unemployment stipend?

    4)   What
    happened to the ‘Maha Sankalpam’ of special status?

    When BJP suggested that special status
    should be given to AP for 10 years and not 5, you stated that 15 years of
    special status was more apt. Finally, how many years of special status has
    been given? Now you are trying to bluff that there was no mention of special
    status in bifurcation act. Then what is the situation of the hundreds of
    promises you made in your manifesto?

    is the condition of Polavaram project?

    You stated that Polavaram project would
    be completed in three years of your tenure. Two years have already gone. What
    is the situation of it? Is it the responsibility of the centre or the state to
    complete this national project?

    Is it
    true that AP’s GDP is a bogus?

    In the numbers mentioned in budget, the
    revised estimates of the current financial year have to be stated. But you hid
    expenditures by not providing that information. Is it not true that the central
    Government called AP’s financial growth rate a bogus?

    are you afraid of CBI inquiry?

    When YSR was the CM of the state of AP,
    he ordered for CBI inquiry immediately after you, as the opposition, demanded
    for it on Volkswagen, Outer Ring Road and Paritala Ravi’s murder. Neither the
    outer ring road nor the airport work nor PV Narasimha Rao Expressway stopped
    due to this inquiry. Then why are you posing objection towards the opposition
    YSRCP’s request for inquiry on capital area lands, lands of Amareswara temple,
    Pattiseema, industrial discounts and land allocations? Are you ready to face
    inquiry on the role of your son Lokesh and percentages in corruption?

    the 2-year rule not a nightmare?

    Is it not true that you bought each of
    the opposition MLAs paying Rs.30-40 crore due to your inability to keep at
    least one of your promises, due to not doing at least one good thing to win
    people’s heart, due to absence of at least one scheme that reminds you and due
    to practicing a number of atrocities?

    Is it
    not true that you degraded the honour of the assembly?

    Is it not true that you resorting to
    blaming and accusing the opposition leaders to cover up your purchase of
    opposition MLAs, encouragement of party defection, negligence to disqualify
    party defectors, prevention of opposition YSRCP from issuing whip, defying
    constitutional procedure of acceptance of appropriation bill and inability to
    answer people’s questions? Is this not degradation of the assembly’s honour?

    10)  Is
    it not your voice that was recorded during Note for Vote case?

    When Telangana MLA Revanth Reddy was
    caught while buying MLAs’ votes, was it not your voice that was recorded? Is it
    not a punishment for the people of the state to be tolerating you as the CM
    even after you were caught so miserably? Is it not true that you mortgaged the
    benefits of the state as well as River Krishna and River Godavari to KCR, given
    no charge sheet has been filed against you and you managed to escape all

    Botsa appealed to all the people, media
    and intellectuals to think about these issues.

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