YSR's Rule Was A Paradise Experience

  • YSR was a legendary
  • All classes of society
    benefited under YSR’s rule
  • YS Jagan follows YSR’s

Chicago, USA: On occasion of
silver jubilee celebrations of America Telugu Association (ATA) in Chicago,
birth anniversary of Dr. YS Rajasekhar Reddy was celebrated. Certain leaders of
YSRCP attended the event as chief guests.

People are with YS
Jagan: Gadikota Srikanth Reddy

Media in AP had become
terrible, stated YSRCP MLA Gadikota Srikanth Reddy. He mentioned how facts were
being fabricated and lies were being publicized. He slammed Chandrababu’s
undemocratic rule. He gave kudos to the social media for hitting back the false
rumours being spread by Chandrababu. He felt sorry for businessman Matrix
Prasad’s imprisonment just for investing in YS Jagan’s firms and recollected how
Prasad stuck to the truth even after that.

YSR is a legendary
leader: Gurnatha Reddy

Gurnatha Reddy, YSRCP
leader acclaimed YSR as a legendary leader. He opined that YS Jagan had to
become the CM if YSR’s schemes had to be implemented and stated that it was
their aim to work in the direction of YS Jagan becoming the CM.

No words can
completely describe YSR: Rachamallu Sivaprasad Reddy

It was not possible to
wind up talking about YSR in 5 minutes, exclaimed YSRCP MLA Rachamallu Siva
Prasad Reddy. He added that 5 days and 5 nights also would not be enough time
for talking about him. He commented that the rumour regarding YS Jagan not
listening to anybody was true and added that he had not listened to the
suggestion to promise complete loan waiver at the time of elections. He
remarked that YS Jagan would not respect undemocratic ways and he would not
honour the suggestion to collapse the Government that bought MLAs. He also
stated that YS Jagan would not care for the conspiring people like Sonia Gandhi
and Chandrababu who together had sent him to jail unjustly.

Farmers flourished
under his rule: Chevireddy Bhaskar Reddy

YSRCP MLA Chevireddy
Bhaskar Reddy recollected the good intention of YSR behind the introduction of fees
reimbursement scheme. He admired YSR for his wish to help poor students enjoy
higher education. He also stated that loans used to be provided to women with
0.25% interest rate. Electricity had been supplied to farmers for free and
loans had been waived.

YSR’s rule reminded of
paradise: Korumutka Srinivasulu

YSRCP MLA Korumutla
Srinivasulu mentioned that not only Congress party MLAs but also TDP MLAs used
to show interest to meet YSR, as his schemes had attracted even the opposition
party leaders. He reminded how other stated also had followed his lead and
introduced similar schemes. He acclaimed YSR’s rule to be as good as paradise.

YS Jagan is a leader
not of AP, but of India: Gudiwada Amarnath

YSRCP president of Visakhapatnam
district Gudiwada Amarnath revealed that a senior national leader had mentioned
when a team of YSRCP leaders led by YS Jagan visited him in New Delhi that he
was not just a leader for AP but would also go on to be a national leader in
future. He recollected how YSR had stated to a news channel in 2009 when
questioned about drought that the clouds had flown away upon hearing the exit
polls about TDP’s victory but they would come back now that his party had won.
Next day, it had heavily rained, Amarnath remembered.

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