Friday, December 19, 2014

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We will be voice of the people in Assembly     YSRCP demands Naidu’s resignation     YSRCP demands white paper on investments     Sharmila’s Yatra in Telangana from Dec 8     TDP GO on land dealings draconian    
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  • YSRCP slams TDP on loan waiver
  • YSRCP demands financial data of AP
  • Good response to Maha dharna
  • Jagan exposes Naidus doublespeak
  • Jagan calls Naidus bluff on loan waiver
  • Smt Sharmila Yatra in Telangana from Dec ...
  • YSRCP flays TDP leaders
  • TDP misusing official machinery
  • Probe Naidu foreign jaunts
  • Jagan addresses party review meet in Ongole ...
  • Jagan addresses party review meet in Ongole
  • Naidu should apologize to farmers
  • YSRCP opposes Aadhar linkage
  • Spell out land acquisition norms
  • Farmers unhappy with TDP capital plan
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  • Smt Sharmila Paramarsa yatra Day5
  • Smt Sharmila Paramarsa yatra Day4
  • Smt Sharmila Paramarsa yatra Day3
  • Smt Sharmila Paramarsa yatra Day2
  • Smt Sharmila Paramarsa yatra Day1
  • YSRCP maha dharna at Visakha
  • YSRCP EG dist general body meet at Kakinada
  • YSRCP Vishkhapatnam general body meet
  • Three member committee meeting with party men in Srikakulam
  • Jagan addresses party review meet in Ongole 2nd day
  • Jagan addresses party review meet in Ongole
  • YSRCP leaders meet farmers of Tulluru mandal
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