YSRCP objects false propaganda

Amaravati, Feb 23: Taking a strong objection to the false propaganda of TDP and its friendly media to discredit the State Government in connection with the Gannavaram clashes, YSRCP has warned of dire consequences if it they fail to make amends. Addressing separate media conferences here on Thursday, the YSRCP leaders Kodali Sri Venkateswara Rao (Nani) and Ambati Rambabu said that the State Government will not remain calm to the efforts being made by the TDP and its friendly media to bring disrepute to the government with chaotic actions and by spreading false propaganda. Nani said that it was the TDP spokesman K Pattabhiram who attacked the police and not the the other way round but TDP was trying to take political mileage by attributing casteism to the entire episode. Instead of portraying the facts, the TDP friendly media has published fake news and pictures that Pattabhiram was beaten up by the police. It cannot be a technical error but is a pre-planned conspiracy to discredit to the government. On TDP Chief’s visit to Pattabhiram’s house after the clashes, he questioned why Chandrababu Naidu visited only Pattabhiram’s house and consoled his family members when eleven other party leaders from BCs were also arrested. Is it because he belongs to the same community, he asked. Ambati Rambabu said that YSRCP has never misused its power and the yellow media is intentionally spreading canards to defame the government which has been providing social justice and political empowerment to the BCs in MLC elections. He also demanded an open apology from the media owner Ramoji Rao failing which legal options would be explored. Terming Kanna Lakshmi Narayana as an unethical politician, he said that YSRCP has no objection if Kanna shifts his loyalties to TDP for political livelihood. But if he continues to abuse the Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy we will not tolerate him, he said.

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