YSRCP Leader Complains Against Voters’ Names Deletion By TDP

MLA Chevireddy Bhaskar Reddy

Amaravati: YSR Congress Party (YSRCP) MLA Chevireddy Bhaskar Reddy lodged a formal complaint with the Chief Electoral Officer of Andhra Pradesh Gopala Krishna Dwivedi about the missing voters' names from the rolls, on Saturday.

Later talking to the media, he said that ruling Telugu Desam Party(TDP) is hellbent on deleting the names of sympathisers of YSRCP from the voter list. The YSRCP leader remarked that the policemen and booth-level officers are helping the TDP. He pointed out that a total of 22,500 votes have been planned to be deleted from the voter list and 22000 new applications to be enrolled in the list have been received, in his constituency.

He added that members from TDP are visiting the village with Tabs and each one of them is surveying up to 30 people every day. After they get to know that the person is going to vote for YSRCP they ask for the persons' voter ID number, Aadhar card number and other details. Later, the details are being directed to Central office in Guntur. Meanwhile self-declared applications are being filed that the person wants to withdraw the vote, through an online portal.

Chevireddy pointed out that people with TDP membership are being appointed as the booth-level members; even after handing over 16 surveyors to the police no action has been taken on them. He revealed that Chittoor SP was using physical force against those who complained against the deletion of votes.

Chevireddy said he has handed over the evidence consisting of a series of voice recordings of a teleconference held by a TDP leader from Chandragiri with the booth-level in-charges. The official assured the YSRCP leader that he would thoroughly examine the evidence and take action on them, Chevireddy concluded.

It is learned from the audio files of the teleconference that the TDP leader has ordered people present there to remove 20,000 votes from the voter list and add five thousand votes, of TDP supporters. The leader has reportedly advised a party supporter to get the details of the supporters in Tamil Nadu and that if required he would get the address changed. A new application to add them to the list can be sent he is learnt to have said.

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