Why Chandrababu quaking with fear over KTR's meeting with YS Jagan? 

Nagari MLA, RK Roja

Tirupati: The YSRCP accorded the highest priority to the interests of Andhra Pradesh and the welfare of its people, and it was in this context that the Party President, YS Jagan Mohan Reddy, met the Working President of the Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS), K. Tarakarama Rao (KTR) on Wednesday, asserted party leader and Nagari MLA, RK Roja. She wondered why Andhra Pradesh chief minister, Nara Chandrababu was quaking with fear over KTR's meeting with YS Jagan.

Roja slammed TDP leaders for trying to draw political mileage by giving a slanderous spin to the meeting of the two leaders. The Nagari MLA said that it was Chandrababu and his party who harmed the interests of AP the most. She flayed the TDP leaders for their mudslinging campaign against YS Jagan.

The YSRCP leader reminded TDP leaders that Chandrababu Naidu not merely invited KCR to Amaravati, but had his name inscribed on the foundation stone there. Does he have any moral right to criticise YS Jagan for meeting KTR?, she questioned. Why were the TDP leaders silent then?, she asked. Didn't Chandrababu Naidu get 36 kinds of dishes made and personally serve KCR when the AP chief minister invited his Telangana counterpart, she queried. Why did you not question him then, she asked the TDP leaders, who were now pointing a finger at YSRCP.

TDP Minister Devineni Umamaheswara Rao felicitated KCR in Vijayawada, while other TDP leaders fell over each other fawning over KCR at Paritala Sunitha's son's wedding, she said. Roja added that Chandrababu would go to any lengths for his own selfish interests.

Though the AP government could function from Hyderabad as capital for 10 more years, Chandrababu Naidu after being caught in the Note-for-Vote case, ran away to Vijayawada she remarked. The YSRCP leader added that Chandrababu was fixated on finding a partner for electoral alliances.

Roja observed that no matter how many parties Chandrababu forged alliances with, YS Jagan would fight the elections and will hold consultations with anyone who would be prepared to support the cause of the people of Andhra Pradesh. Referring to TDP leaders criticism of YS Jagan's meeting with KTR, when the latter called on him at KCR's behest, Roja observed that those with jaundiced eyes see yellow in everything.

The Nagari MLA remarked that it was Chandrababu Naidu who hijacked his father-in-law's party. The TDP supremo reached out to KCR on a tragic occasion at the time of Nandamuri Harikrishna's death. When KCR declined his offer he turned to the Congress in an immoral manner, she said.

TDP leaders were gripped by panic because they knew that YS Jagan would not spare them for their corruption over the last four and a half years, the senior YSRCP leader said. KCR is attempting to create a national platform of parties comprising non-BJP and non-Congress entities. Isn't Chandrababu who claims to have 40 years of experience aware of this?, Roja questioned.

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