Synonymous With Credibility, AP Govt Will Pay Insure As Per Promised Timeline



AMARAVATI: Reiterating that the government has given a calendar and will accordingly pay insurance amount on December 15, Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy has said that the Opposition is trying to make an issue out of a non-issue while credibility factor is in his favour going by the indicators.



Intervening during the debate on Aquaculture and other Bill's in the State Assembly here on Tuesday, the Chief Minister said the State is scheduled to pay Rs 1227 crores towards insurance for 2019 on December 15 and it was not a new issue and was discussed on various platforms and has the cabinet nod as well.  


We have announced five programmes in December which include distribution of house site pattas on December 25, Amul-AP procuring milk on December 2 besides cattle distribution on December 10, crediting insurance amount on December 15, and starting the resurvey of lands on December 21.


There is a certain procedure to be followed in providing insurance amount, as it is a collective initiative of State and Central governments along with insurance companies. After concerted coordination, the government has decided to directly credit the insurance amount on December 15.


The Chief Minister said that there was no such situation when we went back on our promise and whatever Jagan promises, he will do it and that is his credibility, unlike Chandrababu Naidu. We have fulfilled 90 percent of the promises made in our manifesto and payment of insurance in a work in progress as the procedures should be completed. If the Opposition continues telling lies in the next elections the number of 23 will deplete to 2 or 3, 


Our Government had paid insurance for 2018 in October 2019 amounting to Rs 415 Crores and 2019 will be paid as scheduled.  We have been paying premium without burdening the farmers by just collecting Rs 1 from them. Like never before, as many as 58.77 lakh farmers were brought under insurance cover.


In the previous government, farmers feared paying a heavy premium and thus they haven’t shown any interest in getting insurance. During Chandrababu term, only Rs 415 crore claims were received in October 2019 for 2018 Kharif and only Rs 537 crore insurance claims were processed for 2018 Rabi and even fewer claims were received earlier. 


 But, in our government, as many as 58.77 lakh farmers have been brought under insurance cover, where the State government took the responsibility and paid Rs 1030 Crore as premium. 


During 2016-17, only 17.79 lakh farmers were brought under insurance, where the TDP government paid only Rs 228.06 Crore premium, while the farmers paid Rs 347.96 Crore. Similarly, in 2017-18, only 18.22 lakh farmers were brought under insurance, where the state government paid Rs 535.56 Crore premium, while the farmers paid Rs 261.29 Crore. In 2018-19, 24.83 lakh farmers were brought under insurance, where the state government paid only Rs 415.62 Crore premium, while the farmers paid Rs 262.01 Crore. 


When everything is very clear, the opposition leaders are intentionally creating chaos in house without having any meaningful discussion.

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