SEC carrying Chandrababu agenda

Amaravati, Jan 30: MLA Ambati Rambabu said that SEC Nimmagadda Ramesh’s tour to districts is part of Chandrababu’s agenda carrying with his script in hand as his agent and making political remarks.
Addressing a press conference here on Saturday, he said that Ramesh  Kumar and Chandrababu Naidu have conspired to take revenge on Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy and YSRCP leaders for defeating TDP in 2019 general elections. He stated that Ramesh Kumar has been touring the districts only to fulfill his personal gains. Nimmagadda wants to show his gratitude for Chandrababu, who appointed him as State Election Commissioner and thus wanted to conduct polls before his retirement. MLA Rambabu said that SEC Ramesh Kumar would officially join in TDP after his term is over.

Speaking in regard to comments made by Ramesh Kumar on former Chief Minister YS Rajashekar Reddy during his tour to Kadapa district, Ambati Rambabu said that Nimmagadda orders to cover the statues of YSR due to election code but he says that he has a special place for YSR in his heart. He said that there was no need for Ramesh Kumar to mention the CBI case during his tour which looks like blackmailing and terrorizing the leaders. MLA Rambabu said that Nimmagadda Ramesh has been working with a personal agenda making foolish statements, unlike a constitutional body.
The MLA said that any election commissioner would wish for transparent and fair elections and also supports unanimous elections that create a healthy environment. But, SEC Ramesh is more like encouraging party-based elections that create chaos, while the government is rooting for unanimous polls without any party base. SEC is being vindictive towards the government and misusing his constitutional powers being biased to a single party and enforcing his personal agenda.

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