Sadhikara bus yatra in Palakonda constituency

 YSRCP: We dare TDP to counter the fact that Andhra Pradesh witnessed an unparalleled 50% GSDP growth in the last 4.5 years

Speaker Thammineni Sitaram: CM Jagan provided 3 lakh acres of land to tribals in 4.5 years whereas Naidu didn't allocate even 40,000 acres in 14 years

The YSRCP government's message of bringing social welfare along with development, and inclusive governance continues to reverberate throughout Andhra Pradesh with the ongoing Samajika Sadhikara bus yatras being fervently conducted throughout the state. The ruling party’s outreach program, now on its 20th day, continues to attract substantial crowds across various regions of the state.

Distinguished leaders representing BC, SC, ST, and Minority communities actively engaged in the bus yatras across three regions, effectively emphasizing the YSRCP government's commitment to the financial upliftment of the downtrodden through targeted welfare schemes and well thought out development works. Furthermore, the leaders highlighted the significant progress made by Andhra Pradesh in various sectors during the past 4.5 years.

Subsequently, the Samajika Sadhikara bus yatra was held today in Palakonda constituency in Parvatipuram Manyam district (North Zone), Jaggayyapeta constituency in NTR district (Central Zone), and Srisailam constituency in Nandyal district (South Zone).

North Zone
Addressing a massive gathering in Palakonda, Deputy Chief Minister Peedika Rajanna Dora highlighted the transformative changes witnessed in the state since CM Jagan assumed power in 2019. He stated, "CM Jagan has provided more than 3 lakh acres of land to the tribals during his four-and-a-half-year rule, whereas Chandrababu did not allocate even 40 thousand acres during his 14-year tenure. Additionally, the YSRCP government has already created 4.93 lakh government jobs, out of which 2.13 lakh are permanent positions, fulfilling the dreams of lakhs of people."

Speaker Tammineni Sitaram expressed, "CM Jagan ensured that poverty should not act as a barrier to access quality education & healthcare, and agricultural facilities. He diligently worked for us by implementing policies such as Amma Vodi, Vidya Deevena, Nadu-Nedu, and Jagananna Arogya Suraksha. Under CM Jagan's leadership, the state's GSDP has achieved double digits, marking the eradication of poverty and a marked improvement in living standards. In the past, during Chandrababu's tenure, the state lagged with an 8.7 lakh crore GSDP. However, under CM Jagan, Andhra Pradesh has surged to 13.17 lakh crore, reflecting a remarkable 50% growth. This has notably elevated the financial and purchasing power of the underprivileged."

People tsunami in Jaggaiyapet - Sakshi

Central Zone
Addressing the masses in Jaggayyapeta, Health Minister Vidadal Rajini lauded CM Jagan, as a revolutionary leader who has provided respect and dignity to the backward community. 

She said, “Under CM Jagan’s leadership, a transformative journey of four and a half years has unfolded, wherein the weaker sections have been empowered. In his inclusive cabinet, 17 individuals from backward and marginalized sections have been entrusted with ministerial roles, symbolizing a significant 50% representation at the ministerial level.”

Minister Dharmana Prasada Rao highlighted the transformative impact of CM Jagan's leadership, emphasizing significant advancements in education and healthcare. He commended CM Jagan for his commitment to providing quality education to underprivileged children, asserting that the state serves as a model for others.

Fan rally with 500 bikes in Nandyala district - Sakshi

South Zone
Deputy CM Amzath Basha highlighted the significant increase in pension distribution under Chief Minister Jagan and said, "If Chandrababu Naidu provided pensions to 30 lakh individuals at Rs 1000, CM Jagan is now extending this crucial support to 64 lakh people at an enhanced rate of Rs 2750."

MLA Hafeez Khan lauded CM Jagan as a visionary leader dedicated to uplifting the downtrodden and impoverished sections of society. He commended the chief minister's outstanding efforts during the challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic and emphasized that, "CM Jagan managed COVID-19 exceptionally well. Among all states, it was CM Jagan's government that effectively worked for the welfare of the people during the pandemic and also and provided the benefits of the welfare schemes in the hands of the people despite the economic shutdown."

MLA Shilpa Chakrapani Reddy provided a detailed account of the positive impact of welfare schemes in the Srisailam constituency. He stated,  "Beneficiaries in the Srisailam AC have received a total of Rs 764 crores through Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT) and an additional Rs 284 crores through non-DBT channels." Adding further,  Shilpa Chakrapani Reddy proudly stated that over 60% of positions at various levels have been allocated to individuals from weaker sections, showcasing the government's commitment to inclusivity.

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